Monday, March 19, 2018

Meal Plan Monday 3/19/2018

We are back to normal this week schedule wise.  Vacation or Stay-cations are completed and most of the items on out to-do list are complete.  Last week, I did not have a plan when it came to or dinner menu, It was pretty much up in the air.  We did manage to eat at home most evenings, all that was thanks to a large pan of homemade lasagne. This week, I need to get more organized and figure out what we have to work with in the freezer to make this week a success.
grilled zuchinni-cheese-bacon

Monday:  Grilled pork chops with grilled zuchinni covered with shredded cheese and bacon.

Tuesday: Ham and Sweet Potatoes.  I have a frozen ham to use up in the freezer. I typically use Reynold's cooking bags and after I add the required flour and water, I coat the ham with syrup and bake.

Wednesday:  Chili Dogs for husband.  It is a Disney day so we have snacks  that we take to the park to get us through.

Thursday:  Family dinner night.  It is always Tacoburgers.  

Friday:  Broccoli and Ham Quiche.  Using the some of the leftover ham for this dish.

Saturday:  Maybe leftover Quiche.  If not, probably grilled chicken with brown rice and vegtables

Sunday:  Probably over the ham by now.  There may be a take out pizza in our future.    

This is the plan and at least I have a plan.  There have been months, maybe years, where I had no meal plans.  It definitely helps with keeping eating costs down. 

Visit orgjunkie for more mealplanning ideas.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Evening 3/18/2018

We have completed many projects around the house while my husband was on vacation.  The yard work is complete for now.   The baseboards in the kitchen and dining room are in but still need caulking. Eh... We are getting there!

Entrance of Small World
The weather was great last week, and next week we are now expecting thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday, and then a small patch of cooler weather to follow the storms.  The grand kiddos are on Spring Break this coming week so I am hoping to spend a lot of time with them and my daughter. We have Fast Passes booked for Wednesday and Friday.  It depends on the weather, hopefully, it all works out.

The kiddos spent the night last night, we had hamburgers at home and then we took them to the local park for about an hour and then we hit the Twistee Treat for ice cream again.  Today was church and Sunday school again and back to the house for lunch again.  We had sandwiches, chips and Lil' Debbies.  What is remarkable, is that we did not eat out while the grandkids were visiting.  I know, it may not be much for you all, but in the past, when the kiddos were visiting, we would typically go to McDonald's for chicken nuggets.  Okay, we still take them out for ice cream, but we can live with that.

Tomorrow is possibly lawn mowing day.  We'll see how the weather is holding up.  I would like to get it done before the rains come on Tuesday.  It typically takes me about 2 hrs.  It's not that the grass is so tall, but it is very uneven and many places. That drives me crazy.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

What We Ate Last Week and What We Spent (3/8 - 3/14)

This week was a better week with our spending compared to last week.   Last week we spent $75 eating out, this week we spent $43.   Grocery shopping was only slightly better, last week we spent $111  and this week we spent $95.  The dog and cat food added an additional $20 some odd dollars to our grocery total.

Eating Out
3/8  Thursday: Lil Anthonys (pizza and beer) $30
3/9   Friday: Taco Burgers  (Ice Cream with Grandkids) $13.00

3/10  Saturday  BLT's
3/11  Sunday neighbors invited us over for dinner
3/12  Monday Lasagne
3/13 Tuesday leftover lasagne
3/14  Wednesday Grits, eggs, bacon and sliced tomatoes
Total $43

 3/10 Winn Dixie $35.91  Reward savings of $33.42
Chips 4/$8
Powerade 8 pk BOGO we bought 4 packs.
2 Maxwell House Coffee $8.99 each ( higher than Target and Walmart but we were completely out!)(I have to go back and check, I thought the shelf price was different...hmmm)

 3/10  Aldi $31.49
4 doz eggs
3 tubs of sandwich meat
3 packs of bacon
heavy whipping cream

3/11  Target  $44.21  Savings of $10.55 with coupons, Cartwheel, and REDcard debit 
Dog Food (Coupon)
Cat Food On Sale
Coke Zero  on sale
Mountain Dew 8 pack (40% with cartwheel)
Tuna Fish
Mayo ( we run through this stuff)
Little Debbies ( not much more than Wal-Mart)

3/12 Publix  $19.72  Savings of $6.25
Prego BOGO
Kraft shredded Mozzarella BOGO
A loaf of Cuban bread  
Total $95.42

We are finishing out my husband's sta-cation this week with yard work and finishing up (hopefully) projects that need his attention.  Next week is Spring Break for the grandkids, my husband will be back to work and we will be going to Epcot at least once next week.  My granddaughter loves the Frozen ride in Norway.  I think most little girls love that movie and know all the words to the song.

Granddaughter and Elsa

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Yard Work Wednesday

We have dragged seven trailers full of yard debris to the landfill.  We are 95% done with carrying twigs, branches, vines, leaves and cut up trees to the dump.  Man... I am about done with this project.

Once we get the lawn mower/tractor back together ( blades needed sharpening) I can start mowing.  Mowing the yard is enjoyable, I can get a lot of thinking done riding on the back of the John Deere.

Time to take an Aleve and call it a night.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday Updates and Weekly List

From a recent trip to SeaWorld

Only about half of last week's list is finished.    Taxes are done and it's a break-even year which is a big relief.   The hubs is on vacation this week and we are still carrying stuff from the backyard ( old shrubs, limbs, and pine needles) to the landfill.

Yesterday was a trip to Orlando for a haircut and today another trip to Altamonte Springs to attend a marriage ceremony at the courthouse of a friend.  After another trip to the landfill today, I am hoping we can stay home tomorrow and not go anywhere.

Thursday is a trip to the Gyn for another round of testosterone pellets.  The first round really helped my hot flashes, memory fog and overall state of mind.  I have noticed that the hair above my lip is coming in a little faster, but I have it waxed off. Otherwise, no complaints about the pellets.  We will see how this round goes.

Last week's list

1.  Make an appointment for taxes
2.  Get back on track with Keto diet ( totally off the rails!)
3.  Boil/steam eggs  for lunches and snacks
4.  Work on cat access door to garage/litter box
5.  Continue search for a part-time job
6.  Clean out the refrigerator ( throw out old stuff)
From a recent trip to SeaWorld
7.  Pack up a selection of green Fire King glass for my cousin
8.  Continue to purge stuff out of the storage shed
9.  Investigate how to paint and spiff up the metal storage shed.
10. Wash the dogs.

This week's to-do list

1.  Work on the cat-access to garage/litter box
2.  Continue to search for a part-time job
3.  Green Fire King glass, it is boxed, waiting for time to take it to Tennessee.
4.  Metal shed paint project.  We may just put that on hold for a time.
5.  Clean shelves in the garage

We are working on my husband's to-do list while he in on vacation.  It includes putting up baseboards in two rooms, touching up paint in two rooms and whatever else he wants to get done.  We are enjoying a great week of weather, sunny and cool.  Wish it would last all month.

 Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 9, 2018

What We Ate and Spent Last Week (3/1 -3/7)

It has been awhile since I actively tracked what we spend at the stores and for eating out.  Yes, we eat out more than most.  In fact, we use to eat out more.  By tracking where the money is going, I can be more accountable to myself.  There are areas to watch and cut back, but when you live with a spendthrift, it can be a challenge.  It is what it is.

3/1 Thursday: Chick Fil A $22
3/2  Friday: Grilled pork chops, roasted cauliflower, brown rice
       Husband went to Publix for snacks for grandkids  $14.50
 3/3 Saturday: Little Ceaser Pizza $12
 3/4 Sunday:  Tuna Fish Salad Subs
 3/5  Monday: Waffle House  $27
3/6 Tuesday: Grilled chicken, brown rice, grilled zucchini
3/7 Wednesday: Chili dogs ( a go-to for husband when I am at Disney)

Eating Out $75.50

  Shopping spends for last week

 3/1 Target: $13.94
3/2 Publix $14.41
3/6 Walmart $13.31
3/6 Walmart Liquor $35.26
3/6 Dollar Tree $5.35
3/7 Walmart $15.41
3/7 Publix $13.86

Total  $111.54

Let's see how we do next week.  My husband is taking a sta-cation,  a week off to finish up chores and projects around the house.  The weather is perfect for finishing up yard work, I am excited to get some of these projects buttoned up!

How was your spending last week?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday Updates

Today is tax time.  I made an appointment with our CPA to get out taxes done, and spent the morning yesterday gathering all the paperwork necessary.  Check that off the list!

Yesterday, I ran a couple of errands.  Stopped by WalMart to return two camp chairs.  We bought the folding camp chairs for my husband and me to use at our grandkids soccer games.  The kids signed up through the local YMCA a couple of weeks ago.  When we took them to the first practice, neither team had coaches.  In fact, it seemed that the whole league was sort of in a chaotic state. My daughter decided to pull them from the league and find another activity to put them into.

Part of the Na'vi River ride at Pandora
On the way home, I stopped by Publix to pick up bread.  They had Nature's Own butter bread BOGO.  I stocked up on four loaves to put into the freezer for the upcoming weeks.   That and paper towels.  We have a little dog, Cricket, that is about 13 years old.  She mostly hits the piddle pads we set out for her, but every once in awhile she misses. We can run through the paper towels when she is on a roll.

After Publix, came home and got my stuff together to go to Animal Kingdom with my daughter and grandkids.  We go on her weeks off, ( she works 7 nights on and 7 nights off) after the kids are out of school.  I think we definitely get our money's worth out of the passes.  Will we renew next year? Probably so.  As long as the kids enjoy it, we will continue to go.

The rest of today will be picking up the house, and replanting a bouganvillea, which is thorny as heck but the flowers are worth the pain.  It is currently 59 degrees here is sunny Florida.  Brrr!!!   I know, I shouldn't complain, but I am not use to the cold.

We were suppose to have family dinner tonight (Taco burgers) but due to a meeting at my grandson's school we are going to try to get together tomorrow evening.

      After my husband gets paid on Friday, we will be moving some money to our joint savings.  It is miserably low, and we need to get it back up to at least $1000.

      My husband has his own stash of cash, amount unknown and that is fine. But, I too have my own stash of cash that he does not know about.  These money games, it's how we roll.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday Notes

Yesterday was a day of recovery from the weekend.  My husband and I worked on cleaning up the back hedges.  Taming the back hedges has been on our radar for at least a year.  Initially, I wanted to just trim them to an acceptable height.  They were tall, at least, 9 feet tall.

Last year, we started working on the hedges, and eventually, we decided to remove them.  At least half were removed last year, which involved digging, using the Sawzall to cut roots and then wrapping a chain around the base and yanking them out with the truck.

With the cool weather in place for the weekend, we decided to remove the remainder of the shrubs, which involved all of the hard labor used previously, but we are hauling them off to the landfill this time.  We have hauled off 4 loads with the 5th load ready to go.  The aches and pains from yesterday are gone and I feel much better and not like I was just hit by a truck.

The weather is great today, sunny, no humidity and favorable temperatures.  There is still more yard work to do, and we want to get it done before the heat of summer hits.

kiddos helping Grandpa

Weekly to do List

1.  Make an appointment for taxes
2.  Get back on track with Keto diet ( totally off the rails!)
3.  Boil/steam eggs  for lunches and snacks
4.  Work on cat access door to garage/litter box
5.  Continue search for a part-time job
6.  Clean out the refrigerator ( throw out old stuff)
7.  Pack up a selection of green Fire King glass for my cousin
8.  Continue to purge stuff out of the storage shed
9.  Investigate how to paint and spiff up the metal storage shed.
10. Wash the dogs.

Although not perfect, lists definitely help to keep me on track.  How about you?

Monday, March 5, 2018

Meal Plan Monday 3/5/18

photo credit Lori Dunn

This week will be light with regards to serious cooking. We have several commitments that take place at dinner time so we will be making adjustments.

Monday:  Grilled chicken with grilled green pepper and red onions.

Tuesday:  Spaghetti casserole with a tossed salad

Wednesday:  We are winging it.  It is a Disney day so we have snacks that we take to the park to get us through.

Thursday:  Family dinner night.  It is always Tacoburgers.  

Friday:  Grits, eggs, toast, and sausage.

Simple menu for a busy week.  Light on the grocery shopping, except we do need to restock on the Michelob Ultra. ;-)

What is on your menu for this week?

More menu ideas at

Friday, March 2, 2018

March Goals and Plans

March is typically a good weather month for Central Florida.  February was unseasonably warm and dry.  Let's hope the trend is short-lived and that we can enjoy the remaining Spring weather with temps in the 70's instead of the mid-80's.

The first full week of March we will be working on the yard finishing up the removal of branches and brush courtesy of Hurricane Irma.  We have hauled of two trailers of yard waste, and our goal is to complete the clean-up.

The second week of March, my husband is on vacation.  We decided to stay home this year and continue to complete neglected projects around the house.  There are baseboards and trim to put up in two rooms, trim painting in one room, and a litter box contraption to install in the garage with a pass-through from the laundry room.

The third week of March is Spring Break for the grandkids.  We have scheduled fast pass days at Disney, and there may be a trip to the beach too.

The last week of March, things should be getting back to normal with the schedules.  Unless...... I get a job, then the whole month of March schedule will need to be re-adjusted.  I have an interview scheduled for Friday, March 9th for a  PRN sonography position.  (I want to throw up).

Specific goals for March: 

1.  Schedule appointment with the accountant to prepare taxes.
2.  Restore joint savings account to $1000
3.  Track grocery spending
4.  Track eating out spending
5.  Get in 10,000 steps daily
6.  Review anatomy and pathology for interview daily.
7.  Entertain friends one evening, pizza, and cards maybe.... (kinda out of my comfort zone)
8.  Read "Jesus Calling" and Bible verses associated with daily reading.

Typically, when I set very specific goals, I am setting myself up for disaster.  These goals are more general and hopefully, I will be more successful.

How about you?  What is your success rate with monthly goals?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Target Shopping

A couple of nights ago, I was checking out some prices online at Wal-Mart and Target for items we use on a regular basis.  We always use coffee, Maxwell House Columbian, and Duke's Mayonnaise.

WalMart prices for the coffee ($6.93/24.5 ounces) and the mayo ( $3.49/32 ounces).   Target had the same price for the coffee but the mayo was  $0.20 less. Target is also much closer to me that WalMart by about 4 miles.

I also tried to price Nyquil online, but neither store has there prices for Nyquil online.  Since Target was closer, I went there yesterday to pick up Nyquil, Aleeve and the coffee and mayo.

Target had a deal where you could spend $25 on certain healthcare items to include Nyquil, Aleve, etc and receive a $5 Target gift card. We tend to stock up on Nyquil, as when either one of us gets sick it usually takes Nyquil to knock it out of us.

The first transaction was 2 Nyquil @ $8.99 and 1 Aleve @$9.99 (100 count with additional 30 as a bonus).  Spent $27.97.
Next transaction, Dukes Mayo @ $3.29 and Coffee @ 6.89, also needed toothpaste, so we picked up a 5-ounce tube of Aquafresh for $0.89.

The total was $11.14 before the gift card from the first transaction, and $6.14 after the gift card was applied.

I recently just activated my Target Cartwheel account, which is all new to me.  The most frustrating part of my cartwheel account app on my phone is that I get no service when I am in Target.  I researched a little bit and found out I can print out my cartwheel barcode and use that at the register when I check out, which I will try to remember to do on my next visit. EDIT:  I will try to use Target WiFi next time.  Duh!

I do not have a Red card, but I understand that you can receive an extra 5% off of your purchases when you use it.  I probably don't need another credit card ( if it is even a credit card??) to keep track of, but if we start to use Target more and more for our staples, I may look into it.

If you have any helpful tips about using cartwheel at Target, please share!!

Penny Pinching Mom explains Target CartWheel Here

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Easy Peasy Hard Boiled Eggs

We eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs.  My husband takes two to work daily in his lunch, and I will typically eat two before bed, instead of cookies or chips.

In the past, I would throw 2 dozen in a pot and bring them to a boil, turn off the burner, cover the pot and let them sit for 22 minutes.  They turned out fine, except peeling them was always iffy.   I would add baking soda to the water and that would help but not always.  I would let them cool completely and sometimes that would help, or at least I thought it did.  It was never perfect and the boiled eggs would look a little rough because of my struggle peeling them. And..... it took forever to peel them!

Now... I use a rice steamer to prepare my hard-boiled eggs.  It is easy, no mess, take 22 minutes and the eggs are EASY to peel and turn out perfect.

  Here is my steamer.  I add 2 cups of water into the bottom.  Add 12 eggs into the insert, and set my phone timer for 22 minutes.

After 22 minutes, I remove the eggs and put them in an ice and water filled bowl for 10 minutes.

They are easy and to peel, it takes just a few minutes to remove the shells.

They turn out perfect every time.  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spring Cleaning

We have tile throughout the whole house and keeping it clean with two dogs, two cats, and two humans is an endless job.  We have lived here for seven years, and when we moved we brought the old vacuum that we used on a house full of carpet.

It was a Hoover, with a bag that had to be replaced monthly.  The animal hair was out of control ( did you know how much an English Bulldog can shed?? Me either!!)  Last week, Hoover took a dump and I was finally able to replace it.

My daughter is a bit obsessed with vacuums as she has three in her possession. She recommended the Shark and after a little research, I found one on sale at Target and brought that baby home.

I Love This Vacuum!!  I am embarrassed to reveal just how much dog hair and dirt this new vacuum picked up!

I think the visual of seeing the actual hair and dirt that the vacuum picks up is so darn satisfying.  It is easy to operate, lightweight and is my new favorite "appliance".

 After I vacuum, I follow up with the Libman spray mop. It picks up what the vacuum misses and leaves the house smelling fresh and clean.

Cleaning the house is my new obsession.  Housework was one of those things that were neglected during knee replacement surgeries.
At the time, I just did not care.

As I go through the rooms to clean, I am still finding items that I no longer want or need, and I gathering them to take them to Goodwill or the local animal shelter thrift store.

There is still more yard work to do, post-hurricane debris to haul off and old shrubs that need to be pulled out so we can make room for a privacy fence in the future.

How is  your Spring cleaning coming along?

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