Thursday, March 15, 2018

What We Ate Last Week and What We Spent (3/8 - 3/14)

This week was a better week with our spending compared to last week.   Last week we spent $75 eating out, this week we spent $43.   Grocery shopping was only slightly better, last week we spent $111  and this week we spent $95.  The dog and cat food added an additional $20 some odd dollars to our grocery total.

Eating Out
3/8  Thursday: Lil Anthonys (pizza and beer) $30
3/9   Friday: Taco Burgers  (Ice Cream with Grandkids) $13.00

3/10  Saturday  BLT's
3/11  Sunday neighbors invited us over for dinner
3/12  Monday Lasagne
3/13 Tuesday leftover lasagne
3/14  Wednesday Grits, eggs, bacon and sliced tomatoes
Total $43

 3/10 Winn Dixie $35.91  Reward savings of $33.42
Chips 4/$8
Powerade 8 pk BOGO we bought 4 packs.
2 Maxwell House Coffee $8.99 each ( higher than Target and Walmart but we were completely out!)(I have to go back and check, I thought the shelf price was different...hmmm)

 3/10  Aldi $31.49
4 doz eggs
3 tubs of sandwich meat
3 packs of bacon
heavy whipping cream

3/11  Target  $44.21  Savings of $10.55 with coupons, Cartwheel, and REDcard debit 
Dog Food (Coupon)
Cat Food On Sale
Coke Zero  on sale
Mountain Dew 8 pack (40% with cartwheel)
Tuna Fish
Mayo ( we run through this stuff)
Little Debbies ( not much more than Wal-Mart)

3/12 Publix  $19.72  Savings of $6.25
Prego BOGO
Kraft shredded Mozzarella BOGO
A loaf of Cuban bread  
Total $95.42

We are finishing out my husband's sta-cation this week with yard work and finishing up (hopefully) projects that need his attention.  Next week is Spring Break for the grandkids, my husband will be back to work and we will be going to Epcot at least once next week.  My granddaughter loves the Frozen ride in Norway.  I think most little girls love that movie and know all the words to the song.

Granddaughter and Elsa


  1. If y'all like Hellman's mayo the Aldi "Burman's" is made by the folks at Hellman's and cheaper.

  2. You had me at the cone, my favorite. Cherry dipped.


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