Sunday, April 15, 2018

Budget Fail This Weekend

The weekend was busy and a bit expensive.  The grandkids came over and spent Saturday night.  We were finishing up more yard work, pulling up small stumps and filling in holes left by the stump

When the kiddos came over, the yard work pretty much came to a stop.  Which was fine, the weather was hot and we were definitely working up a sweat.

The budget went to hell in a handbasket when we took the grandkids to Target to look at toys.  Well, we managed to get out of the toy section for less than $22 for BOTH kids.  That was a miracle.

Then, we headed to the clothes section and the shoe section.  The boy needed shoes, shorts and a pair of slacks maybe two.  And the girl had to have cute pink shoes, a dress, and a couple of shorts outfits. We are weak when it comes to shopping for the kiddos.  And that is how $167 was charged on to my credit card.  Lawd!

Target is the devil.  Just sayin'!

(And I know, I am part of that problem)


  1. That is why you are frugal--to buy for children in a weak moment.

  2. That is why we scrimp and save - so we can spoil our grandchildren...thats what grandparents do, right? :)

    1. Hi Sue,
      It is why we scrimp and save. Thanks for the perspective, I appreciate it!

  3. Target. Im not to bad but my eldest cannot walk in and walk out. She accepts it for what it is and from what her hubby says, always comes home with something wearable. Frugal is about being able to spend on the good stuff.

    1. I tend to get too focused on frugality, and forget about the good stuff. Thanks for your comment!


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